Stress Management through Hypnosis for Anxiety

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 Overwhelm getting to you..?

Stressed beyond comprehension yet? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed at work?  Are your personal relationships surrounded with conflict, overwhelm?  Do you get tense and irritated about small matters? Maybe you find yourself paralyzed and unable to make a decision, laying awake at night and you just cant get the sleep you need… exasperating the problem.  Now your becoming exhausted and overrun from the strain of it all.

 Everybody has stress, at least 75% of the population experiences stress in some form every 2 weeks. If you’re experiencing  chronic stress you’ve probably realized you’re  lowering your quality of life and putting your health at serious risk. Did you know 75% of all doctor visits are stress related. Stress Impacts your health and well being on many levels.


Yet what’s the solution… what’s the alternative?

Drugs drugs drugs… more and more drugs, anti-depressants, anxiety medications, these have become the most prescribed in the US and their prescribing is only increasing. However, these “meds” just don’t address the underlying problem… they only offer symptomatic relief, often with additional health ramifications leaving you foggy in the mind and disassociate.. Is this lifestyle really a solution? Costing you more and more each month. Do you really want to dump more and more chemicals into your body, not knowing what the long term effects will be, just to be able to navigate your daily life?


Hypnosis is the solution you have been looking for. 

Hypnosis  provides many ways to overcome stress and overwhelm.  The truth is .. Stress just cannot exist in the same space with calmness and relaxation. Hypnosis allows you to experience a very relaxed physical state, focusing your attention in ways that let your emotions resolve and balance through suggestion and repetition.

All stress is created in the mind. Have you noticed that you tend to stress yourself out by what you think might happen, what you’re worried could have happened, or what you’re perceiving has happened, and its all created in the pictures of your imagination.. but almost all the time its not what’s really happening.  Your experience of stress is not really based on the event itself, but on your own internal representation. Its really your internal perception that you are reacting to.

How can Hypnosis help YOU?

Hypnosis can help you let go of stress. Overcome a lifetime of habits and fears. Relax and sleep restfully. Block out other peoples negativity. Take the volume of your negative thoughts and turn them down.  Hypnosis can truly help you to regain your perspective and find the balance in your life that was missing.

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