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When it comes to Weight Loss, everyone pretty much knows what kind or exercise to do, and what types of foods to eat. The real question is, how do I get myself to take the action? How do I move beyond the failures of my past and really commit to myself? How do i really enjoy eating all the right kinds of foods that allow me to be thin and fit ?

Maybe NOW is the time you SINCERELY level with Yourself. What is your Truth?

Now.. it’s time to ask yourself…  Are you Finally.. FED UP with the FAT!

Are you REALLY SINCERE.. about finally taking control of this behavior.


So I’m Curious…

Do you feel run down and tired?large lady sad

Is your self-confidence seemingly disappearing every time you look in the mirror?

Feeling out of control, you know.. like you want to lose the weight but you just can’t?

Binging just to eat and eat and eat. And feeling like you’re going to explode. And then wait.. and eat some more.. and after that the guilt an shame sets in…

Have you ever hated seeing yourself in the mirror? Stressing each morning trying to find just one single thing to wear that wasn’t uncomfortable, or didn’t look awful because your body shape has gotten distorted?

fat pewrson unable to button pantsDo you feel hurt?

Maybe you lack confidence, especially around thin people.

Maybe you’re too embarrassed to go to the gym and be seen.

And you keep looking for the promise of that magical pill, or that meal replacement program, but when you stop taking them you gain all the weight back.

          When you’re out in public..

fat chick on a sandwichDo you hate it when others look at you, always feeling like the others are better than you and looking at yourself seeing pictures and seeing yourself  as fat…  gross?

Maybe you’ve had someone point blank tell you that you were fat and unattractive?

So instead of dealing with your feelings you just cover them up with eating.  Just constantly eating if you were stressed out with something, or simply bored.

Then there’s your health worries..

Do you worry about your health, diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure?

Do you feel guilty about your lack of willpower because you can’t seem to control the cravings, and you’re left feeling disgusted with yourself  because you just can’t seem to stop.

Are you avoiding going out because you’re too embarrassed to be seen and you have nothing to wear.

Do your back and knees hurt from carrying all the extra weight?

And now You’re easily out of breath.

When you saw the family photos, you were shocked at how you looked.

We’ll here’s the truth.. even if you’ve failed time and time again. You can lose weight! find out how Hypnosis Can Help…. Schedule your free screening NOW262-674-4224

weigfhtloss proofDiet’s Don’t Work!!

Now you’re tired of dieting and you realize, Diets Don’t Work!


” Before Hypnosis Center Wisconsin,  my thoughts were consumed by food, what I had eaten, what I would be eating, what I should eat, what I wanted to eat… I tried several popular diets but would always gain the weight back.     With Hypnosis, what I should eat and what I desire to eat are the same. This makes everything so easy. I’m not working against myself anymore. ”  ***

JoAnn Chhokar- Oconomowoc, WI




You’ve seen dieticians, nutritionists, personal trainers, nurses, doctors even gastric bypass surgeons who clearly all need some help losing weight. Almost everybody knows what to do, what to eat, how to exercise. And yet what all these smart professionals need is the ability to motivate themselves to do it. And that’s why hypnosis is the answer.

in our programs you will learn weight loss self hypnosis and neural linguistics so you will have the tools to continue succeeding and stay thin.

IF YOU’RE SINCERE about losing weight, and SERIOUS about making this decision,cute skinny girl with large pants

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You can join the thousands of clients who’ve lost weight with hypnosis,  just see some of the success stories, or read them here.

*** Disclaimer: Testimonial’s reflect the unique experiences of the individual clients, some will experience similar results, better results, and no results.


“In just 4-5 weeks I have become so much more energetic and in control of myself. I exercise daily without even thinking twice about it. My self awareness to eat the right foods has become habit for me.” ***

Jodi Falk  ~  Muskego, WI






“Since i started coming here I have learned to let go of the number on the scale. If you feel good you want to eat halehy and exercise more. I let go of the stress. Weight loss no longer consumes my days. I feel healthy and strong. ***

Holly Budnik ~ Slinger Wi.




“I was continually emotionally eating with hunger pains and cravings… Now I am calm, stronger, no cravings or hunger pains and doing what I feel spiritually I should be doing. Now I eat apples, salads and smaller portions without feeling deprived.  ***

Sue Mattox ~ West Bend, WI



Hypnosis Works.. even if you’ve tried it before. You can still lose weight with hypnosis.. not all hypnosis programs are created equal. It’s important to be screened before you start your hypnosis program.

girl with tapemiddle aged man traingingIf YOU’RE SINCERE about losing weight and

SERIOUS about making this decision

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***Disclaimer:  Testimonial’s reflect the unique experiences of the individual clients, some will experience similar results, better results, and no results.

Losing weight with Hypnosis